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Title: Queen of Clovers
Fandom: Detective Conan/Magic Kaito
Characters: Kuroba Kaito/Kaitou KID, Edogawa Conan, Lupin the dog
Prompt: #49 Queen
Word Count: 1650
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: From a little AU I’ve got in my head…Just a note on the Japanese - ojisan means uncle, and it’s what Conan calls Jirokichi and Kogorou, Tantei means detective, kun and san are both honorifics, and watashi, atashi, ore and boku are all ways of saying I - ore and boku are Masculine, atashi feminine, and watashi can be used as either.

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You know, I have a little fic bit in my head for my Kaitoko!AU - she's from after the iron tanuki, but before Nightmare, and in that scene, Conan basically does his whole 'long, drawn out deduction' thing ...

Conan: *does long, drawn out deduction thing* You, Kaitou KID,are female!

KID: Yep.

Conan: *facepalm* oi, oi, don't be so deadpan about it...

KID: Well, it's not like I was really hiding it...

Safe: *Attempts to kill them*

KID: You know Tantei-kun, since we're talking about secret identities...how on earth did you manage to shrink, Kudo-kun?

Conan: adsdggfhfjf!!! *giga shock*

And in there somewhere there's some talk of why KID is dressing as male, and she makes a comment about just being KID's ghost...

God, I need to actually write this...


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